Now that you have completed your Walk to Emmaus, you will have many opportunities to help make God’s love visible to persons seeking it.
Perhaps the most obvious way is to serve on an Emmaus team or help in the kitchen.

It is easy to think that once the team is chosen and the kitchen help is recruited, the weekend is taken care of.
Despite the importance of these responsibilities, they are only a small part of the agape that goes into the Emmaus weekend.

You may not serve on the team or head up the kitchen, but you still are needed.

The Walk to Emmaus is truly a community activity–it takes many people to make a weekend possible: team members, kitchen helpers, prayer volunteers, participants at Candlelight and closing, luggage carriers, and helpers to set up and tear down the sleeping quarters and conference rooms. The following list includes just some of the acts of agape that make The Walk to Emmaus possible.


Volunteer sign up sheet