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REC is a variation of TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) and similar to Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Great Banquet, and Chrysalis.  REC has been  modified for the prison environment.

This particular REC Program was originally designed for the ladies at Dismas Charities in Owensboro, Kentucky. Since Dismas became an all-male facility in 2010, this REC program was revamped to address the needs of ladies in recovery from a number of types of addictions and lifestyle choices.

The word “Encounter” is exactly what happens during the REC experience. A team of about 30 Christian women from different denominational backgrounds, both lay and clergy, share Christian community through talks by team members, table discussions and community building activities. After the initial REC is held, a weekly group follow-up meeting is encouraged to support the candidates in their spiritual growth and Christian community.

At this time we have one 3 day weekend at Daviess County Detention Center in Owensboro, Kentucky scheduled each year. During this 3 day weekend the residents are brought into a true encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ by listening to 15 talks, personal testimonies of team members, and the love of Christ shared in a tangible way through the team members and those who pray and serve the ladies.

The goal of REC is to bring the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, a recovery of the person’s self-worth and value as a child of God. REC seeks to address the individual’s need to learn from the past, face the present, and plan for the future with God’s help.

Our future plans include holding 1 day REC’s that focus on the love of God to women’s rehab facilities and those leaving the jail system. We would also love to hold more 3 day RECs not only at DCDC but also in the community for those facing the issues of rehabilitation of addictions and lifestyle choices.


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