Reunion Groups


Just what is a reunion group?

Basically, it is made up of two to six persons who meet once a week at a regular time for about an hour. The reunion group may include persons you met during your weekend, your sponsor, or other pilgrims you know. It may even incorporate persons who have not made a Walk to Emmaus but are seeking to give their lives wholly to Christ.
The group meets at a time and place convenient to all the members--in a home, an office, a room at your church, or even a restaurant. Any convenient place with privacy and a comfortable atmosphere will work.
The setting and meeting time do not matter as much as the regularity with which you meet--regular attendance is the strength of the group reunion. The structure of the reunion group is valuable only when people are looking for means to accomplish what they want--to live and grow in the life of grace encountered during the Emmaus weekend. A common reason for unsuccessful groups is that people participate without wanting to accomplish the purpose of the reunion group.

Criteria for Forming Group Reunions

  • Group reunions are based on friendship. Your group must be made up of people you really want to be with. When members genuinely enjoy one another, they can help one another grow in the life of grace.
  • You must make the effort to start or join a group; there is no imposed formation. No one will arbitrarily place you in a group reunion. You must look for one and join on your own efforts as a result of your own commitment of growing in the Christian life. The Emmaus Community can assist you in finding a group reunion, but the responsibility for becoming a member of a new or existing group is yours.
  • Every participant contributes; there is no group leader. Each member takes responsibility for the group process. There is no specific leader, but rather a group, the members of which share a common commitment to one another and to growing in the life of grace.
  • Groups can change. If a group doesn't seem to be working out for you, by all means begin or find another one. You may need to change groups for any number of reasons, but you never outgrow your need to belong to one.

Characteristics of an Effective Reunion Group

  • Earnestness
  • Sincerity
  • Discretion
  • Regular Attendance
  • Confidentiality

If you want your group reunion to become Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered, each member must take it seriously. Your participation is crucial. The group must meet together regularly and be willing to risk openness and honesty with one another, knowing that whatever is shared with be held in confidence. What is said in group reunion stays there. Confidentiality builds trust among group members and enhances the Christian life. When your group has these characteristics, you experience the strength and stability of Christ-centered fellowship.

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